Dear Madam or Sir,

Please help! We need your help in bringing immediate attention and assistance to investigating the recent and mysterious death of Mason Hart, age 23 of Houston Texas in the Abaco Islands, Bahamas. On July 29th, Mason’s naked body was found lifeless on the shores of Scotland Cay, Abaco Islands Bahamas – which is 8 miles by water from the marina where he was staying (in Marsh Harbour, Bahamas).

• We are trying to get assistance in the Bahamas and no one is there to help!
• The US Embassy in the Bahamas attempted to turn us away because they are on a “Bahamian Holiday” work schedule!
• Hundreds of Texas Tech students and Houston Texas community are coming together in pursuit of answers and justice.
Mason Hart just graduated from Texas Tech this spring. He was 24 years old and spending his first summer as a college graduate working on a close family-friend owned sport fishing boat, “Tucker Tales”, and enjoying the opportunity to sail and see the world. The boat’s owner is David Tucker, also of Houston, Texas. David has been Mason “second father” for the majority of his life. Mason and David’s son, Austin have grown up together, like brothers.

When David Tucker arrived at our U.S. Embassy in Nassau today (8/2/15) with his passport and Power of Attorney to handle all Mason’s affairs, he was greeted by local Bahamian armed-guards who attempted to turn him away to return Tuesday, after the long Bahamian “Emancipation Day” holiday weekend. It was only after using strong assertiveness with Bahamian security at our Embassy door, did we get the Bahamian security guard to call inside the Embassy to request a U.S. Embassy official come to the door and talk with us. Cliff Chamble, US Citizen traveling with David Tucker was DENIED access to our US Embassy. This is OUTRAGEOUS!

David is desperate to postpone Mason’s autopsy (currently scheduled for Tuesday morning) so that we can get good blood samples to do a 3rd party toxicology exam. This will be crucial to finding resolve.

• Why are our US Embassy’s being guarded by Bahamians, and not being guarded by US Marines?
• In the wake of Benghazi… Why isn’t the Obama administration supporting Marines to protect our Embassy’s and US Citizens abroad?
• Why is it that a US Citizens holding US Passports and requesting urgent help with a possible murder of a US Citizen abroad is being turned away because of a LOCAL holiday?
• Why isn’t our Department of State doing their job to protect and support the 5 – 6 million US citizens visiting the Bahamas each year!?!?! The State Department website clearly communicates collaboration initiatives with Bahamian authorities against narcotics and human trafficking. But when are these initiatives in action? Only 9:00 – 5:00 on weekdays? Outrageous!
• Why isn’t our Embassy putting pressure on local authorities to conduct prompt and thorough investigation? David has been working diligently to coordinate with the local authorities for assistance investigating his mysterious death – including providing solid leads and evidence for follow-up. HOWEVER, assistance has been limited EVEN BY OUR OWN U.S. EMBASSY in Nassau!
We are finding our situation is similar to what Natalee Holloway’s parents, Dave and Beth have been experiencing… limited assistance by the local authorities to investigate what we are growing to believe is a death by foul play.

The circumstances surrounding Mason’s death are unknown (since the incident occurred while he was to be in the Bahamas alone for about two weeks.) Here’s some of what we do know now… On Tuesday, July 28th, Mason had taken the boat’s dingy across the harbor for lunch and cocktails at Snappa’s restaurant on Marsh Harbour Bahamas. Credit card receipts show a last transaction there at approximately 3:00 p.m. He then went to Nippers Restaurant on Guana Cay and is final transaction was around 7:30 pm. Then, on July 29th, Mason’s naked body was found lifeless on the shores of Scotland Cay, Abaco Islands Bahamas. The dingy which he was using has not been found. The fact that Mason was found floating face up and naked does not make sense to any of us.

We need to conduct a 3rd party autopsy to determine cause of death and, hopefully, rule out foul play. But, with authorities out enjoying a long local holiday weekend, we could be in jeopardy of getting valuable samples, evidence and the opportunity for a conclusive autopsy.

The only greater fear we have now, after losing our dear, sweet Mason, is never-knowing what or who is responsible for taking him from us.

Would you please help us pressure the U.S. Embassy in the Bahamas to collaborate and allocate appropriate resources to help us get the Coroner’s Office to delay the autopsy?

Thank you, in advance, for your assistance in spreading the word and the pressure on our US Government to do what is right by it’s citizens!

David & Daniel Tucker